Before you might have been able to rely on the output of a few synthetic, automatic benchmarks to make your video card purchase, that is just no longer the case. It’s shocking to see a five-digit score so soon, when scoring half as much in the Extreme test was considered excellent just a few months ago. Windows Vista Ultimate bit. Obviously we’ll tell you all about specifications and pricing, but there is again something else we really wanted to test for you as when you buy an X2 product 2 GPUs it is possible to pair it up with yet another X2 card. Let the splendor begin! Dual DVI-I connectors and a 7-pin video-out. In this review we’ll look at the product, the architecture, the benchmarks, including frametime based FCAT measurements.

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The graphics companies–all companies, really–are usually pretty good about not announcing new products too early, particularly when those new products are anticipated to outperform the company’s current product lineup. When playing back the demo, the game engine then renders the frames as bbeta as possible, which is why you will often see the “timedemo-style” of benchmarks playing back the game much more quickly than you would ever play the game.

Each X2 card has an 8-pin 2×4-pin and 6-pin 2×3-pin power connector for external power. The second type of benchmark you’ll see in this article are manual run throughs of a portion of a game. Call of Duty 4 Crysis 13 – Game Performance: This stock clocked Radeon HD is cooled passively, meaning it has no fans tool it down.

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This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. We take three readings of each card and setting, average the scores, and present those to you.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? This is where we sit at the game with a mouse in one hand, a keyboard under the other, and play the game to get a benchmark score.

Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! However, the X2 does have double the GDDR5 memory per chip compared to the singleand you don’t have to deal with getting a CrossFire motherboard and a power supply with enough power connectors.

We know we can’t run every game or find every bug and error, but we try to do what we can to aid you, our reader, and the community as a whole. Upon learning about upcoming products, customers, being the smart cookies that they are, tend to hold off on purchases and wait for the new models to come out.

Review: Sapphire AMD ATI Radeon HD X2 2GB – Graphics –

Our preview already gave you guys a pretty decent overview of what to expect from these products, and let me tell you.

However, the peaks and valleys and overall performance of each card is still maintained and we can make a judged comparison of the frame rates and performance.

PC Power and Cooling watt. Testing Methodology Graphics card testing has become the most hotly debated issue in the hardware enthusiast community recently. X2 is times two.

ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Hands-On

Because of that, testing graphics cards has become a much more complicated process than it once was. In essence you take a large PCB printed circuit boardposition two or processors with an interconnect bridge-chip, grab a handful of memory chips, and then a pinch of resistors and mosfets. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony.


Our test system underwent a big refresh with this review and for all GPU reviews going forward.

ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2

The new products will officially kick NVIDIA from their high-end crown, purely based on performance with a single board product. Obviously there’s more to tell as there’s 48702 just one product being launched, it’s actually two.

Home Reviews News Forums. The second 4807×2 is a bar graph that tells you the average framerate, the maximum framerate, and the minimum framerate.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Let the splendor begin! Latest News Latest Videos. By James Yu on August 21, at 3: Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? The new graphics card is intended to boost a little more performance into entry-level gaming. Many of you may be familiar with this heta from games like Quake III; a “demo” is recorded in the game and a set number of frames are saved in a file for playback. James Yu Posted on August 21, I also added in a new game for the racing fans: