Sets or queries the powermeter averaging time. The function sets for the lowest possible averaging time available for the installed Power Meters and, then, sets the highest possible sweep speed for the selected Tunable Laser module sweep. Averaging time is a time value in seconds. Polling is used in application development environments ADEs that do not support asynchronous activities where callbacks can be used. In Automatic Attenuation Mode, you specify the output power. Slave channels have limited functionality.

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Figure 10 shows the original curve as measured directly by a Power Meter and the interpolated curve. The Level 1 summary registers contain an individual summary for each of these module slots.

The vesrion number of the instrument driver is displayed.

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This is set by the: If automatic power ranging is enabled, ranging is automatically determined by the instrument. Returns the current power value from the monitor diode within a page 80 return loss module.

The user has send a command to an empty slot.

For return loss module, returns monitor diode data array of last function. Sets or queries the output power labvjew. IMMediate] can be entered as init or initiate: The default units for frequency are Hertz.

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Manual Attenuation Mode example: The period time should be longer than the averaging time. Use Multi Frame Lambda Scan if you need to have inequally spaced datapoints.

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Queries with Different Result Values. The Registers and Filters for a Node. Module has settled unsuccessfully 4 Slot n: Power Mode none sour0: One 8 byte long wavelength calibration value pair consisting of a 4 labviiew long float for wavelength and a 4 byte long float for the scalar calibration factor.

Returns a specified binary block from the data array for the last power meter data acquisition function. Sets or queries the powermeter averaging time. Use [l] to set the attenuation mode of the upper or lower wavelength laser source of a dualwavelength laser source or of a return loss module with an internal dual-wavelength laser source. Returns the maximum block size for power meter data acquisition page 90 functions.

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For commands that require you to specify a channel, the slot number is represented by [n] in a command and the channel number labvieq represented by [m]. Attenuator modules with power control only. C in your project.


Returns the current power value from the monitor diode within a page 83 return loss module. Sets or returns the laser rise time of a source. Decimal Value Mnemonic Bit parameters: Perform next step of a stepped sweep. The user has passed a parameter that conflicts with other already configured parameters. Table 3 Comparison of command semantics beween A attenuator and xA modular attenuator family.

Use the wavelength dependent offset command. Returns a power value from a sensor. Some of these commands must be implemented by any instrument using the standard, others are optional. See Table Table 5, for information on how this command affects the generation of output triggers using power measurements.