Actual product can be different from the product shown. Light weight with pocket friendly design. Ideal for travel, home or office use. Convenient To Use Unrivaled comfort, with easy to use. Image for presentation only.

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Actual product can be different from the product shown. Battery for Acer Allegro W4 M is the perfect high quality replacement battery specially designed for your handset to solve the problems of quick battery drainage, low backup time or axer extend the usage time by keeping an extra stand-by battery with you. HighQ Smart Auto Ampere selection depending on device requirement for fast charging.

6 Port Multi USB HighQ Fast Charger for Acer Allegro W4 M310

Easy On-Off Switch Thanks to the design and compatibility, you can use the Universal Mobile Stand with your Acer Allegro W4 M and navigate through the traffic without need to handle the phone again. Track my order s. Orders Ysb Requests Wish list Track my order s. My Account Sign in Create account. My Account Sign in Create account.


Acer Allegro M – Specs – Phone More

Acer Allegro W4 M See more awesome products for your handset. Also, m31 of the major features of the battery is that is it ultra thin and lightweight in design, therefore making the battery easy to carry around with your phone in your pocket.

Cash on delivery ka option do sir. Is the redmi note 4’s front glass in blue color.

Just udb into any port and the charger will auto detect what ampere current to charge the device at. Image for presentation only. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

Protective circuit to prevent overcharging. Charge 6 devices at one go. No more short of power sockets, no device in waiting for charge and no more keeping watch on charging at various places.

Overcharge Protection The HighQ technology prevents the phone from being charged at a higher ampere current than what it is designed for. Stable performance, with high backup time. Mera odara nahi hua hai kya hua to bol le ha ya na ordara nahi ho. Easy charging accessibility for the entire family at once, at one place.

Cash aceer delivery ka option do sir. Yes, Manufacturing defects only.


Is the redmi note 4’s front glass in blue color. I don’t have any account. I want cash on delivery Hello Mera order nahi ha kua.

Acer Allegro

Once full charged, you can keep it in your laptop bag or even your side pocket. This way, if you are using this battery as a substitute for emergency times when you just need to keep your phone up and running, Battery for Acer Allegro W4 M – can be a good companion.

I want cash on delivery Acer Allegro W4 M Quality with Durability Constructed with high udb material and latest technologies, the charger is the best in class product and a nesecity for everyone with multiple devices.

How to Maxbhi How to manual’s.

With massive 20 watt of power, this charger will simultaneously powers up-to 6 devices with no power shortage.