So while using cold backup for the partition with the OS system partition makes perfect sense it is generally redundant for all other disks and partitions. It is to bad that Acronis can’t expand its beta testing base as Microsoft did when Windows 10 started out. In this case this is his ability to accumulate huge amount of data. Furthermore, there is no way you can really contact anybody in the company to give them feedback about bugs, if they ever cared to fix them which is debatable. Microsoft Windows 8 has a binary backup and restore function.

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But here situation is hopeless: Can restore unbootable PC using special restore CD can be burned on any other computer of you did not do it in advance or misplaced.

Good vokume with your letter. At least I’m having great luck on all my computers now with Ghost. After these steps I am certain that you will be able to use Acronis True Image Home without any interruptions.

Beware of Acronis “Leftovers” Issues | Wilders Security Forums

In my experience the most stupid and most damaging for data blunders were done when I was under time pressure and need working computer “now”.

No folders after this one in alphabetic order were restored All I will say about hry facility is this: I will certainly help you with resolving this issue. It really trashed your system so you couldn’t boot?

Thanks acronos all your suggestions. TI 12 attempts to address the version management issue version may have as well, but I skipped version due to a nearly unusable interface IMHO. Installed this program on my laptop,with HDD in it, and all is working perfect!


But Partition Wizard will tell and show you the particulars. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Acronis True Image

I wouldn’t know what exactly but try and decide might interpret that as something it is not. As for the correct way it depends on your equipment, your data and on your level of qualification.

Continue Exit and continue to Windows 10 starts the reboot process and loops back to A. With the UEFI based discs which, as you probably know have a MB second partition containing low level, but essential boot files, preceding the main C partition and it actually is not labelled independentlythe Recovery Wizard is a bit different, which I figured out by deecide and error, in that when you set up the destination disc, you have to go through a two step process where you first pretend to select the FAT 32 partition which is of deciee absurd and not intuitively obvioushit next and then, a second time go and select the main partition, after which the Recovery works smoothly, as with the MBR discs where you just go through a one step disc selection and don’t deal with partitions if you are backing up and restoring identical images.

Furthermore, and perhaps most frustrating of all, the Acronis application software installer itself provides no way of undoing its OS “takeover” changes. Is filrer C drive multipartitioned? Note in particular the word tey in the step that says: And you can perform various manipulations necessary for restoration of those data on the partition of different size, can change id of the drive and can backup parts of the filesystems in “raw” bit-by-bit mode acrnois only operation available is backup of the whole disk or partition.


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But for system partitions beware Acronis. In addition, USB 3. Resulting complexity interferes with the basic and the most valuable functionality: An even better solution is to clone the C: The forte of this utility lies in the ability to resize NTFS partitions. Traditionally, this has not been addressed well in any of the programs I’ve tried over the years.

Most of my images were volmue the restoration step failsdespite that the images were verified as “ok.

This review is from: In my single case of failed image restore the image contained valuable data that were lost for the user. The Dump Report says this: I think each second negative review was written by users who were either not well prepared or expect too much from the program. When creating a boot disc, do not create a Linux based boot disc.