Open the app and it’s in the camera mode by default, ready to scan your business cards. View and manage your contacts in Windows, Mac, or Gmail contacts. It may notice it’s a business card automatically; if not, tap the Saving as button, select Business Card , and Evernote will pull the data out of the card and can even try to match it to that person’s LinkedIn profile for the most accurate data. You need an app to help, a business card scanner that can digitize your paper contacts and help you reach back out in seconds. Comments powered by Disqus. It splits out first and last names, tags the location of where you scanned the card, and includes fields for every bit of text the app recognizes, including non-standard fields for social media profiles, quotes, or slogans. OS Android version 4.

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Take the Work out of Workflow Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. FullContact’s app will then automatically merge that new contact with your existing address book and those shared by your team, to give you more info about who else at your company knows that person and to keep you from having duplicate contacts in your address book.

The ubiquitous notebook app Evernote happens to also be one of the best ways to scan business cards. Your business cards aren’t your only contacts—they’re just the newest people in your address book. You actually might not need a dedicated app just for cards. That’s what CamCard is trying with its business card scanner app. To scan a business card, open the app, tap the camera icon, and if ABBYY recognizes a card it’ll auto-snap a picture and recognize the text—no need to tap the shutter button.


Email me about new features. Here are the 6 best tools to quickly scan business cards:. Just keep pointing your camera at new cards, and each new scan will show up on the bottom of the camera interface. Those apps can work well at recognizing text—though again, you’ll need to do the hard work of copying the recognized text and putting it to work.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

That’s reflected in its pricing and its dedicated scanner devices. Sansan aims to manage your whole company’s business cards—on its pricing page, it even says it’s aimed at companies, not individuals. Open the app on your phone, snap a quick picture of the business card often without even tapping the camera shutter buttonand the app will automatically recognize the text and add the contact to your address book.

User-friendly interface makes you search with keyword and provide quick functions, including Skype Out, Skype SMS and find contacts on facebook, Twitter or inkedIn.

WorldCard Color – The best-selling business card scanner, scans both business cards and photos.

And if it’s unsure about a character, it’ll highlight it in blue—you can then tap the i icon to edit the text or see a zoomed in view sscanner the scanned card to confirm the text is correct. It’s everything you busoness to do with business cards in one place—and there’s even an ABBYY Business Card Reader for Windows to import photos of business cards or scan alesteon ones on your PC nearly as easily as you can on mobile.

Instead of using OCR to recognize text, FullContact sends the card to its team where two people will read your card and type in the info within 30 minutes. You can upload scans of your business cards to FullContact’s web app, too.

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If you want constant export to Salesforce, select the appropriate option in the BCR settings.

Unsurpassed data recognition and speed based on famous ABBYY Mobile OCR technology, eliminate having to correct or re-key business cards data, making creating new contacts easy and automatic. Business Card Management 1 2 3 4. Matthew Guay is a senior editor and writer on the Zapier team in Bangkok. Please upgrade to the BCR Pro to process unlimited amount of business cards.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

The A6-sized color business card scanner scans and reorganizes the information of the color business card. WorldCard Color offers extraordinary performance for the price. Account Options Sign in. Tap the blue Send your business card button to send a template email to your new contact, complete with your contact info and anything else you’d like to ccard.

It’s a full featured contact service built around the best possible business card scanning with both automation and a human touch. To use this feature, go to the BCR settings, login to Salesforce and check the fields that you want to export.

Its results are quite good—though not perfect, and with similar issues to those we came across with OCR-powered apps such as the slightly incorrect company name above. You’ll see the scanned contact info in seconds. Recognize business cards in 26 different languages: Header photo by iPrice Group via Pexels.

The best business card scanner apps cut that workflow down to just a few quick steps.