Dam failures are usually catastrophic with many fatalities and causing the destruction of infrastructure and properties. Some synthetic soap that bleaches gives a pH range above Abstract Exergy and Energy analysis used the principle of conservation of mass and energy, in connection with thermodynamics law in designing and analysing of thermal system This Paper focus on Energy and Exergy analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell SOFC system by computer simulation. The study concluded that the locations considered in this work are safe for dwellers and that industrial activity has influence on the background radiation. In this paper, we performed molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of ion-beam sputtering of lead and tin perovskites to determine differences between the sputtering characteristics of lead perovskite and a lead-substituted perovskite tin perovskite. The western part, some part of the northwestern zone, base of the northeastern zone and some part probably base of the southern region of the study area were interpreted as regions of magnetic highs while others belong to average and low magnetic distribution.

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The Aerosol Optical Depth AODwhich is the integral part of the atmospheric extinction coefficient from the surface to the top of the atmosphere, is an important parameter for observation of visibility degradation due to atmospheric pollution, solar radiation extinction and other climate effects. The adsorbents and kinetic study was evaluated using a cylindrical glass column. The spectral depth analysis result showed that the shallow and deeper magnetic sources have an average depth estimate of 20 m and 3.

Thermoluminescent dosimeter TLD was used to determine the entrance surface dose ESD of 20 patients presented for head radiography in two tertiary healthcare institutions in Southwest Nigeria. This shows that the highest energy requiring and producing system is the Methanol Fuelled system. Elevated background ionizing radiation has its health effects on people who reside in such areas, this necessitate the need for constant monitoring.


Its versatility and environmental friendliness has made it one of the most promising renewable sources of energy. Abstract Oil extracts from the African oil bean seed Pentaclethramacrophylla Benth.

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Precisely this project aims at the application of high spatial resolution satellite data LANDAT 7 for assessing soil properties which include soil pH, soil alti and soil drainage. This is the first step in developing a general purpose semiconductor device simulator that is functional and modular in nature. Then modelling analysis of the station spectrum analyser data collected at computed elevation angle The BE bottled water sample was found to contain the least concentration of Pb with a value of 0.

The aapti entrance surface dose ESDT for mandible, paranasal sinuses and skull radiography ranged between 3. The mean ELF radiation from e8870 projector screen at a apgi of 10 cm is 0 mG, while that of interactive screen is 2. The monitoring of temperature and humidity manually has wpti characterized with inaccurate measurements due to human errors.

C programming language was used and the libraries of each component were installed in the Arduino IDE. Solar energy is one of the primary sources of energy replacing fossil fuels due to its abundance. Thus, the study suggested that, apto and screen is better than interactive screen when making presentation considering the closeness of user to the interactive screen throughout the course of presentation.

Most of the rural agricultural and extension officers have no access to the daily variations in meteorological data that affect the growth and yield of crops. High resolution aeromagnetic data that covers Igbeti-Moro area, within southwestern Nigeria, has been subjected to data enhancement processes and interpreted to establish significant geologic features associated with occurrence of marble, gabbro and muscovite mineralization in the area.

Abstract Continuous quest for safe environment has led to ‘green’ approach of synthesizing nanoparticles.

In addition, equipment such as pump and compressor gives higher Exergetic efficiency than others. The corresponding effective dose and doses to the brain, oral mucosa and salivary gland were evaluated using PCXMC software. The results show that the cost effective, portable device is able to detect and record temperature and humidity effectively.


Thus, these concentrations in dust can be distributed apyi and outdoors in order of magnitudes.

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume , – IOPscience

The goal of this study is to evaluate the risk of cancer induction in head radiography procedures with a view to promote dose optimization and enhance patient safety.

This alti because Propane is the most Exergy efficiency system.

Metal halide perovskites have been the subject of intense theoretical and experimental research in recent years due to their huge potential over their silicon based counterparts for tunable optoelectronic applications in high-tech device innovation. The on-going research work begin with the study of performance of eight foundation cloud models at the station, through their detailed evaluation from cloud cover data and radiosonde data analysis, followed by analysis of collected over three years spectrum analyser signal attenuation data.

The device was tested at different locations and different times for two consecutive days. Biodiesel was produced from waste cooking oil using alumina-supported calcium oxide from chicken eggshell. xpti

In achieving the objectives, various construction firms and their sites within the area studied was sampled through structured questionnaires. The measurements of the radio signal strength from EBS Television, transmitting at The mean ELF obtained from interactive screen at 30 cm was 1.

Abstract Solar energy is one of the primary sources of energy replacing fossil fuels due to its abundance.

Therefore, the need for accurate determination of viscosity for oil and gas applications cannot be overemphasized.