The board showed jumper settings that supported MHz, but it was far from stable at that speed. The Aopen cards don’t have an SB-Link header, so the other option was this generic card. This can be a pain, especially during the trial and error period when you’re trying to figure out which overclocked setting will work best for you. Home Reviews News Forums. This will bring much convenience in setting the jumpers for the CPU bus speed setting. Just kroners without shipping, which is roughly 30 US Dollars. May 17,

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May 15, Return to General Old Hardware. I love this new series of articles on older hardware.

Rare for those days! All in all, if you are looking for a Socket 7 mainboard for the upgrading of your older Socket 7 chip, do give this board a thought. What revision of the chipset is this? Wsus few boards could handle that speed well, but the MHz setting seemed very stable.

Hardware Flashback: Asus P5A

So when guys like Tom and Anand got their hands on the Asus P5A, it was most definitely must-read material. However, I had the fortune to try out axus sample of the pre-released AMD K chip on this board as well. As someone who enjoys reliving the fun, fast-paced period in computing that ranged from the mid 90s to the early s, it really resonates. I really need to bring that machine upstairs and do some modern testing on it Speaking of other upgrades What perhaps strikes me most is the overall simplicity of the boards as compared to modern products.


It runs Debian command line very well.

P5A | ASUS Global

Didn’t check for myself but according to amd-k6. Oh yes, there was a time before USB 2. I first got into computers in the days, but I started to do it professionally when Socket 5 was transitioning to Socket 7. ASUS has once again made its mark o5a producing such a good mainboard.

Warranty & Support

It has the 6A regulator and not the 2,5A that some boards have. If you have a AMD K CPU now, you can really see how the performance of your system fly if you overclock your chip to 95×4 setting. The initial setup of the board is generally ssus with the help of the well designed manual that comes with the motherboard. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Asus still shipped a lot of them, so I guess that made up for the more limited selection. There is no way to predict, but be aware of the fact that ASUS has done a tremendous job with their newly released Super7 line of motherboards.

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Wouldn’t trust it long term But gf4ti even Works. After moving on to the Slot 1 mainboards, it has been quite a p5aa ever since Asjs last laid my hands on a socket 7 motherboard. It was a pretty good board at the time though That is a single phase power Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.

It’s fast, got dual monitor output and is passive cooled. All such encounters were noted at the exact time of their occurrence.

The board pa was designed to make efficient use of the electrolytic capacitors that did make it into the design, as they surround the key components of the PCB such as the Socket-7 interface and the DIMM slots. As someone who works in the industry doing both sales and service, I can appreciate learning about parts from before my time and I may occasionally come across.

It came with an K cpu, and hopefully it’s behaving it self with this cpu.

I recently built my first Slot A system–something I never had when it was current. This site hosts no abandonware.