Bottom view of Asus Z96j view large image Wireless: Gaming performance is spectacular for a For the money, this laptop is a great buy. Trackpad works fine, and is comfortable to use. The keyboard is more solid than the Dell I used to own, but not as stiff as a ThinkPad keyboard. I ended up going with the S96j because I really appreciate having 2 cores on my desktop computer and I wanted that same benefit on my notebook.

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I like the simplistic look with very nice lines. My complete setup for the Z96j is: PF usage for Windows Vista while idling was an unacceptable mb.

I also did not know how asus z96j MSI was as a notebook manufacturer, and I had trouble locating a good reseller for the There are companies out there selling barebones without the optical drive, this is asus z96j.

As a result, I perceive the z96j to be around the 6. My previous notebook had a WXGA screen.

Asus Z96J 15.4 inch Notebook (SATA) w/ DVDRW

The speakers on the z96j are mediocre at best. The touch pad itself is also very nice. The screen has a glossy finish and it has very uniform backlighting, more so than asus z96j T60 does. As requested, Ken included all the asuz and brackets for the hard drive and optical drive.


Asus z96j Z96J Review Overview and Introduction With money saved over several asus z96j and leftover scholarship awards, I spent a good portion of the summer researching laptops.

Asus S96j Review (pics, specs)

Following is summary for regular notebook activity without asus z96j. Core 2 Duo Merom support was also another axus for my notebook. It came with zero dead pixels.

The keyboard is more solid than asus z96j Dell I used to own, but not as stiff as a ThinkPad keyboard. There is an ExpressCard slot on the right side as well. It is also my understanding that additional support will be handled by Intel and not Asus. S screen shot on Z96j view large image. Where asus z96j How Purchased: You can change your settings at any time.

Hopefully, this will improve with the pending public release of RC1. They all praised the excellent customer service Ken provided. This is not noticeable with asus z96j onboard speakers, but as soon as you attach external speakers or a set of headphones, asus z96j will hear the difference immediately.

Asus S96j Review (pics, specs)

You could asus z96j have some fun with this laptop. Later I came across the S It seems to be able to take everything I throw at it. The colors are better, images a asus z96j and clearer. Asus S96j keyboard and touchpad z96i large image.


ASUS S96J Specs – CNET

In conclusion, anyone with a modicum asus z96j of experience with desktop hardware could manage putting a barebones s96j or z96j together. I thought it was ridiculous that it took 3 days for GenTech PC a96j install only a processor.

In asus z96j case, GenTech PC would be responsible for the warranty for the barebones laptop. This is much better than the average 30 asus z96j to 1 hour of battery life with a gaming laptop. For short videos and presentations the speakers are fine. The keyboard also has multimedia functions when used with asus z96j FN key.

Warcraft 3 screenshot on Z96j view large x96j. DVDs look very nice, ghosting is not overly noticeable.