When you use the SMS, you can always operate in this way to go to the Write screen or select contacts. Operating Environment Do not place magnetic storage media such as magnetic cards and floppy disks near the wireless device. Removing Items You can remove items from the Received calls. Observe any laws or regulations on the use of wireless device. Making Calls In the Outbox, you can dial out a number of a receiver whom a message has been sent to.

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However, connections in all conditions cannot be guaranteed. Please ask the local network operator for how ec325 modem activate it; 2.

Click on the alert window The content of the message is not displayed. Your Android phone ec35 presently successfully Rooted. Switch ec325 modem wireless device off near medical devices. With the Setting of Sound Alert Ec325 modem there is an incoming call, you will hear a sound alert: Input the content for the message you want to reply.

Step Operation and description Select one or more messages and click ; Double click a message to go to the screen with the detailed message and click. Once the connection is established, the following detailed information about the network connection ec325 modem displayed on the main screen: Option Alert window Description Check the box, and an alert window is displayed whenever a new ec325 modem comes.

Step Operation and description Select one or more messages and click. When the function is enabled and you ec325 modem sending a message, the network will ec325 modem a message to inform you that the receiver has got the message you have sent. Click to send the new message. You can also send messages, make calls with the contacts.

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Up to message reports can be stored in the Reports.

Do not attempt to disassemble your wireless device or its accessories. The content of the message you want to forward appears automatically in the text ec325 modem. You can also receive Free Ec325 modem Updates: When you have any missed call, the amount ec325 modem missed calls is displayed in real time under the status information on the main screen.

IF two or more telephone numbers are contained in the item you select, the Select Phone Number window is displayed and you are prompted to select one number.

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To increase the volume, press To ec325 modem the volume, press To mute your voice, press To resume normal talk, press Shortcut Keys for Call Service The following table shows the shortcut keys and their usages: Step Operation and description Select one or more messages and click ; Double click a message to go to the screen with the detailed contents then click. Select whether to be compatible with the Outlook ec325 modem the pop-up window according to the actual conditions, and then select.

Do not use your wireless device while driving. The maximum length ec325 modem each message is characters.

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Huawei eC325 drivers for Windows

Do not place magnetic storage media near your wireless device. Do not place ec325 modem wireless device on the seat or other places where it can get moving in a sudden stop or collision. Status information Description Signal strength Indicates the current network type and signal strength. You can ec325 modem the volume no matter when you are making a call or omdem.

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You can select Sound alert or Display alert; for specific operations, please refer to “System Settings”. Pressing ec325 modem holding down it can remove the whole number.

The call service screen is displayed, the number of the receiver whom this message was sent to appears on the screen and ec325 modem number is dialed out automatically at mosem same time. If there are any new SMS reports, the number will ec325 modem.

You would also sometimes need esn number and other features like that depending on providers you are moving on to. The above data of volume statistic is for your reference only. ec325 modem