All orders shipped the same day. The case is even more true now than it was. All you do is type; Word Power 3 takes care of the text arrangement. With the included Telecom telecommu- nications program, you can access national information banks or send messages to other computers. Let him gain a little, then start the process again. Transfer the picture on your item T- Shirt, etc.

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We do, of course, like Tandy products. So far the results are pleasing.

LiNOS 4401-256-000-20 ,SNAP-B3000,90-100/125

Transfers disk to tape and tape to disk. David Lucas N. Now granted, Maine is not exactly the crime hotbed of the nation. Now, there have been a lot of good comments lately in THE rainbow on this subject.

HP E1489-66511, HP 744/132L,EXPI9402PT,G730-VID16-

If you fail to study and learn from your observations, you may be missing an opportunity to add to your growing storehouse of CoCo facts. A utility is a program or routine that is used as fujlteac tool in computing. As far as equipment requirements, the entries varied. No refund after mailing of three or more magazines. On longer programs, some benchmark lines are given.


Warranties do vary, all the way from covering just the first use of the disk to a full, lifetime warranty.


Digital images ap- pear on the miniature DVSs below the screen. The SysOp is Mindmaster. You can have headers, footers page numbers and TWO auxiliary lines which can appear on odd, even or all pages. Questions or comments about this program may be directed to the author at Peachwood Court, Modesto, CA Defend the Innocent and defeat the villainous; be a true Champion! Some computer cassettes are supplied without leaders at the ends so that you can start recording on the beginning of the tape without having to wind past the leader.

Have you bought a multi-plug “power strip” yet? Do not send any correspondence to that mail- ing address. You’ve got to feel good about dealing with people like this. Prizes and ribbons will be presented Sunday, May 22, and winning entries will be published in the September ’88 issue of the rainbow.

Even if you buy the tape or disk, you wM still need the appropriate book for loading and operating instructions.


I couldn’t violate this trust and still sleep at night, and I think the vast majority of home computer users feel the same way. Don’t let your fear of initial costs keep you from marketing what you consider to be a top-notch program.


Up to 9 different access keys can be defined. All subscriptions begin with the current issue. VIP Speller comes with a specially edited 50, word dictionary, and words can be added to or deleted from the dictionary or you can create one of your own. The show opens Friday evening with a session from 7 p.

When we first saw the finished art, we exclaimed, “That’s not a CoCo!! However, while we can give specific instructions for using the OS-9 programs, you will find that the OS-9 programs will be of little use unless you are familiar with the operating system. For other inquiries call It is entirely rewritten to take advantage of the new CoCo 3 hardware More memory, resolution, colors, speed, After all, you are strong and wise.

Send it to our edi- torial offices at Falsoft, Inc. A Y-Cable or Multi-pak is not necessary.