If too loud, it could become distracting when listening to quiet material like podcasts and audiobooks. How open the headphones are, and how open and spacious they sound. Primarily used for gaming and voice over IP software. If you have a wireless router in your house or any other device that needs to transmit over a 2. How long it takes for audio to play through your headphones once the audio signal has been sent from a source. When the headphones are going to be used in a noisy envinronment airplane, subway, etc.

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G Wireless Gaming Headset – Logitech

While it did work on UNIX based systems, the comparability really wasn’t there, however some open source developers did help ease the pain a little through third party software. However, it’ll be clear, detailed, and quite easily understandable. When the material is heavy on bass frequencies, such as those of kick drums and bass guitar.

Being able to mix audio channels directly on the headphones. To make the score more perceptually relevant, more weight is given to the higher frequencies.

The G have 21ms of latency which excellent for gaming and watching video content. The range that the wireless headphones can reach before dropping any audio when in direct line of sight of the Bluetooth device.

Logitech G | eBay

The simulated noise isolation of the headphones, demonstrating how much outside logitecch is blocked out by putting the headphones on. Overall it’s a satisfying product to use, build wise however it won’t last you 2 years if you use it as much as I do which is a lot.


Over-emphasis sounds honky and harsh, under-emphasis sounds weak and distant. They have a decently balanced audio reproduction with a pronounced bass range that doesn’t overpower instruments and vocals. At least it is useful for something. However, they’re decent g30 gaming headphones, and the red accents in their color scheme give them a bit more flare while remaining subtle and professional.

The accessibility of the power source.

They take quite a bit of time to charge when compared to more recent Bluetooth headphones but compared to some of the other gaming headsets, they have a decent performance. Logitech Computer Webcams Logitech C I would buy this if you want a decently-priced wireless headset.

It’s a great headset and the software alone was what cost it the 5 stars. Thus you do not need to worry about disturbing sounds from outside.

The provided carrying options to protect your headphones when transporting them. Logitsch Logitech G are decently comfortable headphones with large and spacious ear cups and a relatively loose fit that doesn’t clamp your head.

If you’re in an environment where you need to monitor your surroundings or completely isolate yourself from ambient noise. A microphone with a good recording quality ensures that the person listening to you would hear a full, clear, and easily understandable speech.

H930 compatibility with the PlayStation 4. At the edges if you stay still it is very unlikely to drop the connection, but moving around near the outer ring of connectivity range is a recipe for constant drops. How long it takes for audio to play through your headphones once the audio signal has been sent from a source. They’re also less breathable than the Gbut they’re wireless and have better software support.


Logitech G930

When the material is heavy on mid-range frequencies. Firstly I don’t get the greatest battery life for long term gaming however it is very cool that you can just plug into usb while using the headset and it will charge.

According to this, these shouldn’t be praised for gaming due to their lackluster imaging and For calls, gaming and voice over IP software or for any other use of the microphone. On those rare logitecb the software isn’t crashing your operating system, all speakers are working AND you’ve found a game Logitech approves of, it will sound nice for at least 20 minutes or so before cutting out. They continue to stream audio and do not disable other active features.

Especially, wireless ones that completely switch off and need to be recharged when the battery is dead. If the headphones are going to be used in a noisy envinronment airplane, subway, etc.