Page 37 v Line Priority Setting Use this function to specify the line of usage. Key Operator Setting Box Settings The following functions are for deliv- ery and transfer of messages: Page of Go. Possible causes include a problem with your machine or noise on the telephone line. B Enter a password, and then press [OK].

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Using the Document Server Use this function to store documents in the Document Server on this ma- chine. Page 17 Deleting fax information using a Web browser Start a Web browser. Press [Key Operator Tools]. You can view received fax messages and their lists or print these messages using a Web browser on a network computer. The list of received fax messages appears.

To change function settings, set the User Parameter Switches. When gesetner selected file does not have a password, proceed to step Change the desired information of the stored document.

Facsimile Features v Reception Settings Description Allows you dsm63s5p switch the following reception functions on or off: Note r To delete another message, repeat from step A. Page 79 Note r If the facsimile is set to store re- ceived documents, document re- c e p t i o n c a n b e n o t i f i e d t o a specified e-mail address.

Gestetner DSmsp Manuals

Page 39 Select a tray to deliver the re- ceived paper onto, ggestetner then press [OK]. Specify whether or not a user code is entered to view saved documents.

Key Operator Setting Paper Tray Use this function to print documents received from programmed senders Special Senders and the documents from other senders on different types of gesretner. Simplifying the Operation Programs If you regularly send messages to a particular destination or transmit us- ing the same functions, you can save repetitive keypad operations by reg- istering this information in a Key- stroke Program.


Gestetner Dsmsp | – Detailed Copier Specifications

LAN-Fax as the printer, and then specify a destination. Page 11 Editing programmed destinations A Select the destination you want to edit in the list. Page 25 Programming a user name Note r Set a user name from those pro- grammed in the user code. Since documents can be sent to multi- ple destinations in a single transfer re- quest, you can economize on call The Document Server can store docu- ments from various applications. Page 70 Key Operator Setting Note r To change a box already pro- grammed, press it, and then proceed to step has been programmed, enter the password, press [OK], and then proceed geetetner step Press [Information Box].

Simplifying the Operation C Enter a new password using the number keys, and then press [ ]. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The company name should ap- pear in gray.

Accessing User Tools Facsimile Features Customize the facsimile settings ac- cording to the operations to be fre- quently performed. You must also make the required comput- er to fax network settings on the ma- chine, according to the type of connection.

Also when this step is skipped, the document will be sent to the number entered in the [Fax Number: If you do, the hard disk and memory may be dam- aged and failure could result. Facsimile Features Function List The User Tools allow you to program your identification, store frequently used numbers and settings, and customize default settings to meet your needs.


Select a tray to deliver the re- ceived paper onto, and then press [OK]. If you select [Auto Detect], pro- ceed to steps B and G.

Gestetner DSm635sp Manuals

You can turn this function on or off through the following procedure. Communication Protocols E-mail format Authentication method Internet communication E-mail send functions E-mail receive functions Compatible Machines This machine is compatible to machines having the following specifications.

Deleting fax information using a Web browser Start dsm6335sp Web browser.

A Special Sender has been pro- grammed. Appendix Item The number of Stan- dard Message Stamps you can program The number of trans- mission records the machine can store The number of stored documents you can specify at one time The number of stored documents you can send at one time The number of pages that you can store in the