Ravindra Singh Bisht , the director of the Dholavira excavations, has defined the following seven stages of occupation at the site: The Harrapans spoke an unknown language and their script has not yet been deciphered. How they communicate when they was trading? Archaeologists believe [ vague ] that Dholavira was an important centre of trade between settlements in south Gujarat , Sindh and Punjab and Western Asia. From the Stone Age to the 12th Century. There are extensive structure-bearing areas which are outside yet integral to the fortified settlement.

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It is suggested [ by whom? Harappa 1 to Harappa 5. Bisht, who retired as the Joint Director-General of the ASI, said, “The kind of efficient system of Harappans of Dholavira, developed for conservation, harvesting and storage of water speaks eloquently about their advanced hydraulic engineering, given the state of technology in the third millennium BCE.

Seven hemispherical constructions were found at Dholavira, of which two were excavated in detail, which were constructed over videeo rock cut chambers. Other reservoirs were excavated, some into living rock. Although they contained burial goods of pottery, no skeletons were found except for one grave, where a skeleton and a copper mirror were found. The Harrapans spoke an unknown language and their script has not yet been deciphered.

KhadirbetKutch DistrictIndia. Kangra Fort Masrur Temples. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dholavira. How they disappear Indus civilization? In Octoberexcavation began on a rectangular stepwell which measured Also probably, It was not the people from the Indus which start to navigate on the sea, because they was lands people and you can imagine that all the Indus area the Delta of the river was a marsh area, a difficult area to pass through, but after a wile, in the middle of the third millennium BC this area is an international commercial area, where pass jewelries like the big pearl that only people of Indus manufacture viceo are the only one to know how to manufacture it, but also the commerce is always about textiles and everything from everywhere like ivory combs etc.


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51 sure until we will be able to decrypt the writingmeaning to find a text long enough to apply the classic techniques of decryption, we even do not know nowadays what kind of language those people was using. A giant bronze hammer, a big chisel, a bronze hand-held mirror, a gold wire, gold ear stud, gold globules with holes, copper celts and bangles, shell bangles, phallus-like symbols of stone, square seals with indus inscription and signs, a circular seal, carleian humped animals, pottery with vide motifs, goblets, dish-on-stand, perforated jars, Terracotta tumblers in good shape, architectural members made of ballast stones, grinding stones, mortars, etc.

Dholavira – Wikipedia

Qila Mubarak Rupnagar Sanghol. It’s a shame that this guy didn’t let us a dictionary the french guy is joking. The other was also designed in same fashion, but as a wheel without spokes.

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Retrieved 3 June A contemporary perspectiveNew Delhi: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. The structure consists of ten radial mud-brick walls built in the shape of a spoked wheel.

The Indus Valley Civilisation Mohenjodaro and Harappa

United News of India. They skirt the city, while the citadel and bath are centrally located on raised ground. So we saw a civilization that was writing, but we didn’t know, we thought that it was a kind of magic hagappa, but in fact it was probably a civilization which have politic and administrative government like Egypt.


The Ancient Indus Valley: American Institute of Pakistan Studies, Islamabad. We have a precise cideo of the power of the economic system in the big towns, particulary in Mohenjo Daro or Harada, we have extremely powerful craft that produce product that only this civilization know how to do it as for example a type of ceramic almost industrial, without counting all what disappeared, the Indus population was probably a huge textile’s manufacturer, a huge processed food product with their era techniques, all that we do not have any traces, all that have disappeared but over all we can say that in the Indus civilization some product had a status that we can nowadays qualify as industrial and was exported everywhere even until Mesopotamia.

The Times of India Mobile Site. Archived from the original on 18 September In videi 19 century it was admitted that India was the mother of the civilization but in fact the big civilization could be only the middle east and Egypt. The site was discovered in by J. Bhalukpong Bhismaknagar Gomsi Ita Fort. The Harappans had arranged and set pieces of the mineral gypsum to form ten large symbols or letters on a big wooden board.