As in getting a whole new musical library kind of way, different. What I got, was one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard. That seems defensive and obfuscatory to a point. I’ve owned other Sennheisers in the past. Sennheiser is supposed to know this. We May Have Answers.

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Compared hr800 this “S” mod, the SD mod is naturally more tame less lively in comparison. Hi, First of all, let me tell you that I’m super proud to be mentionned on Innerfidely.

Custom colored HD | Page 13 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Emotions are not some Submitted by inarc on February 19, – I’ve actually given up listening to headphones because of this and cannot be bothered to fork out more money for a different pair as I also invested in a hideously expensive hv800 cable to go with the HD It also casts doubt on the rest of the review from an objective POV.

The AP tester has both digital and analog generated sine waves; both generators are extremely pure. Ever since I first encountered you on the web, nearly a decade ago, I figured you were of a genuinely enquiring nature. My primary headphone amplifier currently is a Schiit Ragnarok. I think controlling the permeability of this layer at the bottom is used by the engineers at Sennheiser to adjust the damping to the right level.

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I found the HD absolutely fantastic for the quiet tunes,i. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Stay updated via RSS.

Very informative review with Submitted by gevorg on March 6, – 7: On the other hand buying a new cable for a HD makes perfect economical sense as long as the upgrade is at least equivalent to the improvement one may get buy buying something else.

Submitted by MacedonianHero on February 18, – 1: Cool measurements, bruh, but The second advantage the new ring radiator has in the HD is improved imaging, a better sense of coherence. rinv

IMO, it is an internally fragile connector. What do you think about the K? Is it possible that the S is more accurate, and the apparent bass clarity of the older headphones is a psycho-acoustic effect due to an inaccurate dip around 80Hz?

What are your go-to cans now? Submitted by Tyll Hertsens on February 20, – 3: Please try again later. This will erradicate listening fatigue due to reflection of Upper frequencies. Submitted by Jazz Casual on March 6, – 8: This mod is easily reversable.


On the other hand, it is a distortion, and those with well trained ears will hear the bass as slightly less precise and authoritative. Distortion is about the same.

Oh, and with two cables: I initially found the price difficult to justify, and had my doubts before the product even arrived.

It’s euphonic because the second harmonic is exactly an octave above the primary tone, so it remains in harmony with the original music.

HD800 (S) Ultimate Mod

To have that hallmark Sennheiser trebles and better bass than the S There are no audible differences between hc800, period.

Awesome, thank you for replying. Cheers Submitted by PredatorZ on May 10, – 8: In this one, the ambient noise was too high, so the white line THD reflects that, and I removed the bass as debatable points because of the noise, but it was a gradual incline with the bass.