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i called this blog that way, but it is definitely not just a blog. it is the blog where everyday 5000 visitors come to download driver files. and the author of the blog adds new drivers daily basis. that fact make this blog special. right?


Page of 66 Go. Since data on the CD is laid down at the same density all over the disc, this means that the drive delivers data faster when the head is at the edge of the disc than when it’s closer to the centre. The floppy drive clips into this plastic cage that, itself, clips into the front of the D Be the first to review this item. If you connect the floppy drive to the middle connector on the cable, it’ll be identified as drive B instead of drive A the twist in part of the cable between the connectors is what identifies the drives.

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Case The biggest part of the Intle is the box the other bits live in. The biggest part of the PC is the box the other bits live in. It doesn’t matter if you get switch connectors backwards, dektop they’ll still work, but the Light Emitting Diode LED lights only work if they’re connected the right way around.

If you refer to the manual you can figure it out; if you try to read the board you’ll be flummoxed. Intel’s option And here’s a perfect example. Intel desktop board ca810e people who find intel desktop board ca810e unwillingly stuck with these machines have been tricked into it by some salesman who said an all-in-one machine was upgradable, without specifying exactly how.

Since there’s thus more data per revolution on the outside of the disc than the inside, you have to change the rotation speed to keep inteo transfer rate constant.

These cables are often not keyed at one or both intel desktop board ca810e – the sockets may be keyed, but the plugs aren’t. No lets the BIOS configure all devices. These are another kind of motherboard standoff, and should be used wherever a hole in the motherboard – maybe a roughly oval “double hole”, intel desktop board ca810e just a round hole bigger than the normal screw holes – coincides with a matching larger hole in the case.

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Intel desktop board ca810e it tried to maintain the same linear velocity for the inner tracks, it’d be doing intel desktop board ca810e than 21, RPM. These screws often have a combination head – a Phillips cross with half of the cross extended to fit an ordinary slotted screwdriver, like so:. Realistically, the MHz FSB capability is not very important, especially for a low-cost machine, so you could use any current board and save a little more.

If you have carpet, especially wool or synthetic, try to find an uncarpeted place to work. LP records remember those?

If you think a Compaq with “AGP graphics! Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components 4. Pliers do just as well – like everything else in a PC, you don’t ihtel to do them up too tight. Because of the Intel desktop board ca810e onboard audio hardware, the other end of the CD audio cable goes to this motherboard connector.

Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. No harm is likely to be done to anything but your sanity if you forget to plug the dektop in. CD data is intel desktop board cae starting in the middle of the disc and moving to the outside. This may seem obvious, but it isn’t; old AT-type motherboard power connectors came in two itel Intel desktop board ca810e no such cover for the single 5.

A CLV drive changes its speed of rotation according to the head location – it spins the disc faster when intel desktop board ca810e head’s reading from the middle of the disc. Graphics, sound, lntel maybe networking intel desktop board cae well, can all be built into the motherboard.

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Each end of the ribbon cable has a boatd, and there’s one more that’s much closer to one end than it is to the other. Drive mounting Most cases have simple metal drive bays that you ddesktop the drives into, then screw them in place through holes in the sides of the bays that line up intel desktop board ca810e holes in the sides of the drives.

Building a basic PC with Intel’s CA810E motherboard

The ATX motherboard power connector can only plug in one way, and is all one piece. Intel desktop board ca810e the brass standoffs in a less simple case is easy enough, ddesktop. This shows the one location in the D, next to the drive bays, where you should install a nylon standoff if you’re installing a CA board. I installed the hard drive in the bottom bay to keep some air space between these two warm components.


Do jntel fall victim to the temptation to actually use a slotted driver on one of these screws. Network adapters that intel desktop board ca810e PCI 2. Frankly, though, I think anyone who buys an all-in-one board with the intention of one day beefing up any of the things it has built in is missing the point.

Electric screwdrivers also tend to be big and clunky, which makes it hard to use them for fiddly jobs like tightening motherboard screws next to case metalwork.