Dec 11, Posts: Apr 18, Posts: Here are some options Originally posted by SDplus: I give your rant and have to say that is one strange looking trackball.

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Jan 3, Posts: So I switch back to the Expert Pro and Volia! Not sure what to buy? Won’t it work with just a generic mouse driver like every other mouse Kensington expert mouse pro 64213 ever used? Kenwington have a built-in mouse function that enables you to program your buttons to perform the drag function.

Wednesday, May 16, 1: Now on Windows 7 and suddenly this thing is useless…its too slow, control panel will kensington expert mouse pro 64213 speed it up, mouse works and all the button functionality are gone and I kensingtpn pissed kensington expert mouse pro 64213 Kensington says its not going to be updated. Originally posted by Champ: Wed Sep 30, XMouse software blows away the typical buggy Kensington drivers. If the vendor has no support then Microsoft cant really support as they dont have any builtin drivers in there operating system.

Wxpert understand that you are looking for the software for Expert Mouse Pro model Suffice it to say, Kensngton will not be buying any more Kensington devices from now on.

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Sunday, April 15, Works with any mouse too.

driver for Kensington Expert Mouse Pro for xp and vista

What I said obviously only applies to old hardware. I play a string bass. I drive a car with a manual transmission. The software which helps you to program expfrt buttons on your trackball is not available for Windows PC. Feb 6, Posts: Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. So, uh, standard hardware for the win?

Update your ignorance and read They must also be doing something strange kensington expert mouse pro 64213 that to be the case, as, like Ardax said, Windows has no problem with multi-button mice. I drive a car with an automatic kendington but a pretty convincing manumatic mode. Try their latest general drivers for the Expert Mouse.

Only two of those buttons would work under Vista or Windows 7 Unless Kensington did something stupid with their hardware, kensington expert mouse pro 64213 4 should work. So you’ve got a piece of ,ouse hardware that was released almost six kensjngton ago Januaryas far as Google can seeand you’re upset that it has exactly the same software support as it did when you bought it.

I think these three may work for your Kensington Mouse.

Unopened Kensington Expert Mouse Pro 64213

However, none of those represent my cousin or any of the other trackball-using freaks I’ve ever known. Disable your anti-virus program. My neighbor has cerebral Palsy and I have a tower for her ,and she has the monitorand the facility that helps the handicap in Springfield,IL loaned her this mouse to use kensington expert mouse pro 64213 now Kensington tells me they no longer have the driver.


Well, uh, bully kensington expert mouse pro 64213 you, I guess. The third camp is made up of people with limited mobility in their arms or people suffering from RSI, moise even birth defects that limit their ability to move their arms in the ways that many of the rest of us do.

It allows you to customize button behavior for most mice out there, and it’s free. I may lro mouseworks in XP mode like they talked about on the link in SDplus’ post Remove From My Forums.