Heavy gaming along with constant web searching finally got to it. Rated 4 out of 5 by On the Gulf from If you know trackballs over mice you will like this I used the original Kensington trackball on my Fat Mac. Dec 31 ’18 at SlimBlade is true plug and play for Windows 7, no sw compatibility or driver issues, pinpoint accuracy, no response lag, use for hours at a time with no discomfort. I started out with a CPM machine so some of you will have an idea of how many pointing devices I may have used over the years. And it does it all with the ball to put complete control at your fingertips.

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The SlimBlade Kdnsington from Kensington makes your computing experience smoother, faster, and easier. Older versions of TrackBallWorks used to allow you to program a string of characters per button but that function has been removed for some reason.

In Stock Update Location close. Be the first to review this item. If you want a trackball save the money you’ll waste on a MS or Logitech ball and pay the few dollars more for the Kensington. First, the good news: Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Slimblade Trackball

The large trackball enables you to effortlessly zoom around the screen and programmable keys help speed up trackabll workflow. But even with the third-party software, the entire package is still not quite as maneuverable as my old Expert Pro Trackball.


I love it so much that as soon as it quit, i ordered another to replace it.

It’s the easiest least stressful pointing device I’ve ever used. I especially like to have a return or enter key located on a button. I forget what they called the with one with the wheels but that was my first. Dec 31 ’18 at They tfackball a little time to adjust but once you do, the difference trackbaall amazing.

Rated 4 out of 5 by editortab from Great Product needs one fix I’m an editor and I’ve been using Kensington Trackballs for ages. The large ball makes for easy cursor precision. This new SlimBlade brought me back to that feeling.

Set it below the keyboard at waist level if you can. Place your order by 5pm Mon Dec 31 and your order will ship the same day. Just recently it stopped working, i wore it out. This model is extremely comfortable and customizeable to suit your preferences as to how the four plate style buttons function.

I can’t say enough about it. I found it on my own, and it is perfect for me. Once your are used to it your arm and body relax, no mouse fatigue. What’s up with that Kensington?

I have no problems with the hardware here, but the software was sadly lacking in giving me the speed, acceleration, drag and right-click control I needed for my graphic apps. My Logitech Trackball developed slmiblade cursor and I couldn’t cure it. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.


The fact that scrolling can only be controlled via keyboard is a drag, and may eventually cause me to give up and buy another Expert Mouse TB for my home computer. SlimBlade is true plug and play for Windows 7, no sw compatibility or driver issues, pinpoint accuracy, no response lag, use for hours at a time with no discomfort.

Slimblade Trackball

Please check your local sales tax laws. Although Kensington really needs to provide better software for this item, the Slimblade does perform adequately and fits my handicap better than the Orbit Trackball my wife uses for her computer. Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value. Trackballs reduce the motion in the shoulder and wrist but increase the motion in the hand.

Some tactical learning required but worth it for reducing kensingtno strain. I have had it several years and it has been wonderful.