Voltage measurements in the high capacity feeder input tray service checks must be made with the high capacity feeder attached to the base printer to obtain accurate results. Select the Parallel Wrap Test from the menu. Make sure the option s are correctly installed before attempting to service the unit. Gently remove the LVPS supply using caution not to damage the printed circuit board. If correct, replace the HVPS.

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Printer does not sound 5 beeps. Therefore, unless the flag is in the up position or out of the sensor slot, a Remove Paper Standard Bin message is not displayed. To select the margin value to be changed press Select until the margin value pair you want to change is blinking. Press Select to reset the printer.

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If multiple trays are low, they are prioritized in the following order: To run the Duplex Feed 2 Test: The printer displays the value of X for the paper tray lexmafk the error occurs. If unable to clean the contamination off the lens, replace the lens and lamp assembly.

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The resistance measures approximately 10 ohms. Kick rolls ARE rotating.

Lexmark Optra T T610, T612, T614, T616 4069 Service Manual

Tools Required For Service. If incorrect, replace the contact.

The primary cause of random marks is due to loose material moving around inside the printer and attaching to the photoconductor, charge roll or transfer roll. No more data is processed from t162 host computer.

Once this message displays, the servicer can manually actuate each sensor. Check the other paper sources to be sure they are operating correctly. If any of the messages in the table are displayed the following actions can be taken: Replace the transfer roll if it is damaged or contaminated.

If the torroid was moved make sure to move it back to its original position on the cable. The printer automatically clears the message once the option is removed. Diagnostic Aids This chapter explains the tests and procedures to identify printer failures and verify repairs have corrected the problem.

Lexmark Optra T and Tn | Argecy

To Disable the Download Emulation: If no shorts are found, replace the high capacity feeder option control board. The voltages measure as follows: Check the connection of the transfer roll assembly cable to the transformer on the HVPS board. Interface Required Connector Type. Select Display Log from the Error Log menu. The test writes patterns of data to SDRAM to verify that each bit in memory can be set and read correctly.

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This is generally caused by loose toner in the machine in the paper path being carried through the printer on the backside of the paper. Press Go to clear this message.

Make sure the solenoid is contacting the latch correctly. J to J measures between and ohms.

Measure all voltages from the connector to printer ground. Make the following checks when a service error displays.

Make sure the sensor flag is not in an up position. Press and hold the Go and Menu buttons.