If you ever move a whole timeline around, think you are actually getting the comp to deal with gb’s of data in real time. But it was a horrible match for any version of Premiere Pro. I believe most of the hickups deal with the Windows platform and not just the fault of Matrox or Adobe. For information on how to configure your system’s virtual memory, see your Windows documentation. General storage considerations Storage plays a vital role in the overall performance of your Matrox RT. Are there any plug-ins that have to be installed? Download the following file to a directory of your choice:

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If the hardware works with the software that it ships with, that is all they worry about.

Tips and Techniques

Then open the resulting file. I’m still running an older P4 single core, so my render times aren’t the best. In fact I find that most people have never gone into their msconfig file and turned things off. Xtested sound cards View our list of sound cards that have been tested for use with RT.

The only reason Matrox has been able to get away with their outrageous prices on the current cards they offer, is because there is presently no competition. What does Canopus now owned by Grass Valley have to do with any of this?


X10, see the validated motherboards and validated systems pages. That’s where Adobe should step in.

System requirements

They can go take a long walk off a short plank. Validated computer systems Check our list to make sure your computer system is approved for use with RT. Only had the system 2 years, and i only started making progress using CS Choose from the following categories: Premiere just plain runs better without it, and I ain’t the only one who thinks so. In my experience, Premiere Pro just runs much better and more stably without it.

I might like it. Yair, I would log mstrox to the Matrox site and check after you matrkx your board for all the updates for your drivers to properly run RTX.

Leave the Allocation unit size at Default. If you are formatting the drive for the first time, do not select the Perform a quick format option either. Depends on your intended usage. This file includes Hotfix 2, the Adobe Premiere Pro 1.

Matrox Video – Support – RT.X10

Add what you will, but it better work correctly for all hardware configs, taking nothing away and only adding to the experience, or we won’t let you do it. Can I keep Premiere Pro 2. So Matrox will be sending me an entire system to test sometime in the next few weeks. Years ago, I had Pinnacle card that was bundled with premiere 4. This allows you to work with multiple drives as a single large drive, which offers more disk space and enhances hard drive performance.


matrox RTX and Premiere CS3 compatibility | Adobe Community

Enhancing your photographic effects Learn how to add a photo border to the still video clip you created in the Using Frame Hold for photographic effects tutorial. That is where Matrox is.

I think your rtx1 color will last longer by getting rid of the Matrox board altogether. If all works well, the hardware maker gets the go ahead from Adobe to distribute the driver. You need matro least Meg. Under Generalcheck the format of your drive next to File system. Jim, It’s time for an upgrade. Using that logic, you have to justify the cost of the card over a shorter period.

I’m glad I brought this up. Actually Matrox did offer an RT. I would think that Matrox sold you the card with adobe premiere rather than adobe selling the software with Matrox card.