A fibre optic light source and filter provided cold illumination. ANA were detected in 29 patients and were present only in the group with secondary RP Synchronization of both radiation components intensifies the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous effect, increasing the intensity of the therapeutic effect on both pain and inflammation [ 19 , 21 ]. In quale paese risiedi? Some of the contents of this website cannot be disclosed in the USA and its territories and possesions, for regulatory reasons.

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Despite the growing interest in MLS laser therapy as a new treatment method, the mechanisms underlying the effect on microcirculation in patients with RP are unclear.

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Effect of pulsing in low-level light therapy. In quale paese risiedi? Furthermore, it has been shown that VEGF and Ang-2 reflected the dysregulation of endothelium, leading to the development of the main clinical manifestations in patients with systemic sclerosis [ 7 ].

KayAnita R. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oedemic effects are due to the modulation of the permeability of the lymphatic and capillary veins and to the elimination of the molecules that provoke inflammation. Support Center Support Center.

Clinical and laboratory analysis Clinical, capillaroscopy and laboratory investigations were performed on the days of blood sample collection, i.

We therefore perfected a new refined and complex impulse, which transfers light energy to anatomic structures kultiwave therapy targets — in an efficient way.


Ang-2 and VEGF coordinately regulate endothelial behaviour.

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Our results suggest that NVC may reflect microvascular changes associated with clinical improvement after MLS laser therapy in patients with primary and secondary RP. Complementary therapies in rehabilitation: It stimulates biochemical reactions and vasodilatation, increasing the ratio of oxygen and nutrients in the treated area.

Synergy of therapeutic effects: A fibre optic light source and filter provided cold illumination.

Before treatment in 21 of 38 Highlights Asalaser News, innovations, selected tools for professionals. Contatti Lavora con noi Newsletter. Undifferentiated connective tissue diseases UCTD: In the present study, we demonstrated a significant clinical improvement of MLS laser therapy in patients with primary and secondary RP.

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After the MLS laser therapy, serum Ang-2 levels decreased statistically significant in patients with primary and secondary RP compared with the values before the treatment.

Moreover, in seven from 15 patients with moderate mkltiwave, an increase of capillaroscopic images with regular distribution and normal capillary density was observed.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Vascular-specific growth factors and blood vessel formation. Capillaroscopic skin ulcer risk index: Rheumatology Oxford ; Low level laser therapy for acute neck pain with radiculopathy: Pieraccini, 6 Firenze – Italy asacampus asalaser.


Photobiomodulation using high- or low-level laser irradiations in patients with lumbar disc degenerative changes: The supply methods and the correct balancing of these two powers means the positive effects of HighPower and LLLT can be used together and safely. The group of secondary RP included 28 patients with systemic sclerosis SScsix patients with systemic lupus erythematosus SLE and six cases with undifferentiated connective tissue disease UCTDaccording to the international criteria [ 23 — 26 ].

All parameters were defined on the basis of previous classifications [ 911 ] as follows: An advanced control system, the Multiwave Locked System, patented by ASAlaser, ensures the synchronisation of the emissions and their modulation according to optimal operating plans.

MLS® Laser Therapy

The positive effect of MLS therapy on NVC pattern is possible, taking into consideration the results of several findings, suggesting a modulating effect of bosentan [ 34 ] or immunosuppressive therapy on scleroderma NVC pattern [ 2735 ]. Wilcoxon signed rank test was used to evaluate the differences before and after MLS laser therapy.

Subjects and methods Patients Seventy-eight outpatients with RP 75 women and 3 men; mean age