To begin with, of course, was launched Windows Media Player 11, frankly, not very liked and listened to different genres, such as all wrong. The BH’s may offer decent handsfree calling, but their performance in streaming audio is below average. Then switched to iTunes, the same effect – not much. Let’s look at the pros and cons. Conclusions Summarizing what we have? On the other hand, let it, it’s a combination, in the end product looks good, stern and once in office.

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Musical ability With the Nokia bh 604 sound quality is awful, but I’m no good and did not expect all predictable. If you speak in a place where noisy, then on the other hand you may had called obscene words and asked to activate the phone.

Nokia BH Specs – CNET

Bu Statement Privacy Statement. I think, Issue BH pursued several goals – to emphasize the special music devices nokia bh 604, to add to portfolio classic overhead headphones, perhaps, to see how the market hokia perceive this model.

The one advantage to the bulky design is well placed controls. We found both incoming and outgoing call quality excellent and definitely nokia bh 604 par with dedicated Bluetooth headsets. First off, they cover your entire ear- so they do a decent job of blocking out a bit of the ambient noise around you, offering a more pleasant listening experience.

Nokia BH Review: – Headphones – PC-Gaming Headphones – Good Gear Guide Australia

Design and construction Headphones are big, put it another way by no means out. There are no shiny surfaces to keep polished or show greasy prints, which is welcomed by me after the last few grease magnets recently released from Nokia.


Headset weighs not too much – only grams, was sitting on his head nokia bh 604.

Adjustable headband, it is gratifying that the design quite hard, it is unlikely it will fall apart after a month of nokia bh 604. I really liked it, that only works with Samsung rewinding a track with nearly all stereo, it’s amazing but apparently there is some software feature that allows you to do this without any extra body movements – pressing a button, and all dangle itself.

Nokia BH-604

Particularly nokia bh 604 was the loud in-call volume and the clear incoming sound. Well, goals are noble, but let’s denser We turn to the product. The controls are large and well placed making them easy to press. Wireless nokia bh 604 are obviously still far behind their wired counterparts in terms of sound quality, but they have been improving as Bluetooth technology advances.

Nokia BH-604 Headset overview

At any rate, this bulk does come at an advantage. View our privacy policy before signing up. This is my rock garden in Sony Nokia bh 604, where fast-on the same th is only possible after a pause.

nokia bh 604 Here we used lithium-ion battery of mAh as much, however, these data can not be entirely accurate, now I check them. They feel solidly constructed though, and the adjustable headband is covered in a soft, leather-like material so it sits comfortably on top of your head.

I need power and lots of it. In addition, Nokia claims that you’ll get 18 hours of talk time from just under 1.

The indicator light is small in size, burns only when the device is really what’s happening, when connected occasionally flashes green. The sound quality is quite nokia bh 604, but it does come at gh bit of a hefty price. Nokia bh 604 headcans are massive nokia bh 604 this of course help to make them comfortable jokia extended periods of time- which is great because the battery lasts a long, long time- but takes a hit in the portability factor.

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And, finally, his own ideal of I, surprisingly, achieved with SonicStage, here I liked the play, they just made for each other. The assembly is quite normal, the only thing I did not like the combination is not particularly expensive silver plastic with a black surface looks like an expensive nokiw car stuck a set of “Soviet self-made wing.

To summarize, I note that in this parameter best headset on the market, if you are looking for long-playing the decision notice. Communication with the phone, sound quality This is the first review, which Nh decided to add a separate Glaucus for musical nokia bh 604, there is talk only nh the conversational qualities.

Then I started to drive different programs to see which nokiz is best suited for listening to music. I will say this: In general, this scenario is, I believe the best – listen to music on a headset and talking on the phone, nokia bh 604 it is safer. Rounding out the package is a quoted 19 hours of music playback time and up to two weeks of standby time. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

From here, simply search for nokia bh 604 device, enter the default passcode and then connect.