I can then aim this at the keyboard so it casts a gentle light so I can see which keys I’m hitting. Big adjustments are not a good idea for Gamma however. But then again simply pulling the plastic stopper works, so I think it is a simpler yet equally valid solution: I purchased a goose-neck LED light which plugs into one of the laptop USB ports for power, and put red-celophane around it. You may have to forego colour but that’s a small price to pay for an imaging device you can get from Ebay for less than a couple of pounds.

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But then again, I feel hesitant to recommend that method. Ultra sensitive sensor technology for working in darkness The ultra-sensitive high quality CCD sensor ensures natural looking images even in darkness. The higher the gain the brighter the image but also you will get more Noise in the image caused by the electronics artificially amplifying the light data from the chip.

The lightning fast 90 frames per second refresh rate produces incredibly stable images perfect for face-to-face video conferencing and remote home monitoring. A typical family living room is lit to 50Lux, the dark limit of civil twilight is 3. How do we determine sensitivity? The finished lenses are coated with a special film sp900nc extend their working life and protect them from wear and tear and dust accumulation.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Doing this can be helpful when photographing through a dobsonian mounted telescope, but also helps with other types of telescopes with proper EQ tracking the image is stationaryfor example when trying to align the webcam to create a lunar mosaic so as to ensure correct coverage of the target object when multiple images are “stitched” together. I’m not an expert, but since the good astro-photography professional cameras are CCD, I’m assuming a webcam with a CCD is a better option.


philipx Please read the Privacy Notice for more information. Pixel Plus for detail, depth and clarity Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing technology that increases the number of lines and the number of pixels. For example Peltier chips are used in portable coolboxes to keep food and beer cold. I am benefiting from it quite a lot. You might also consider Nebulositywhich has some excellent documentation manual and tutorials where you will learn a lot about CCD cameras, and astrophotography image processing.

Make sure the webcam is plugged in and operating correctly. It costs a lot of money to print “Celestron” on a camera case it would appear Getting the telescope nicely balanced also helps achieve smoother movements and prevents nasty surprises like tipping because the Altitiude CorrecTension knob wasn’t tightened sufficiently!

Webcam SPCNC/00 | Philips

Phhilips control the zoom entirely via the on-screen interface while you are looking at the image so you can adjust it perfectly. Unfortunately it is unable to control long exposure by a standard USB to Serial adaptor, so you have to capture using other software like WxAstrocapture or K3CCDTools, then work in Nebulosity with the image files they create. Set the camera to motion detection mode when you leave the house and it will only start recording when movement is detected in the room.


Is the process the same, and might i get away with using the same adaptor? It only took about two minutes to do it, and it was dark outside too. It may be that the colour balance is not what you expect given spc900nd webcams tend not to be set up for outside use but hey – convert to BW and you’re good to go!

Philips SPCNC Webcam for Astrophotography

Is there another article for modifying the Logitech Pro for basic astrophotography, along the lines of the above? You will need plenty of time to get aquainted with using your laptop computer next to the telescope, so make sure the night has good weather and good long visibility time. Does anyone have any suggestions please? All these different things cooling, heatsinks, fans, peltier chips, high resolutions, and better quality imaging chips soon add to the expense of professionally manufactured astronomy cameras, and this is why some of them can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars!

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To combat the heat problems described in point 2 above, it is possible to attach heatsinks to the imaging chip, and use fans to aid cooling. I would also suggest you also take a look at Robert Reeves SPCNC Webcam page showing some additional photos of this webcam, and describing in more detail how to dismantle the unit.

In this case dimmer parts of the image have many adjacent pixels of slighly different levels being assigned the same pixel value. Keep it, and the focuser, somewhere safe so that you can use the webcam normally again in future if you wish e.

I am looking forward to some of your images. Posted November 19, Specifications for video cameras such as camcorders and surveillance cameras often include a minimum illuminance level in lux at which the camera will pyilips a satisfactory image.

Also be careful when inserting the adaptor into the webcam that you do not overtighten it or the nozzle might hit the CCD chip and damage the clear face of the chip.

I will not be responsible for any damage caused to your equipment. You can also use it with the webcam for home monitoring, motion detection and webcasting.