Be sure to make comparisons and choose the best keyboard for YOU. One that comes with a feature called Graded Hammer Effect and emulates the feel and touch of an acoustic piano. Although this keyboard is low-priced, it has features for musicians of all levels. Enter your search terms Submit search form. These include standard, XGlite, 5 “sweet! But while the other two come with 88 keys, it comes with

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It’s all about your particular needs. Well more keys don’t always mean better; it depends on your needs and what exactly you’re looking for.

You could, for ysmaha, press the ACMP button and use the left hand side keys to control auto accompaniment. One that comes with a feature called Graded Hammer Effect and emulates the feel and touch of an acoustic piano. Solos are for pussies. It ranks you from excellent to OK.

Instead, there is a repeat and learn button that will back up the lesson four measures from the point at which yakaha hit the switch. But wait, all you musical Ginsu fans!

Yamaha DGX220 Keyboard Review

Press the Easy Song Arranger button, choose some hapless song, select a style, instrument voice, and melody and do a mashup. Leave me a comment in the box below. But to become a truly authentic 19th century German piano teacher experience, it should have an automated ruler that snaps out and raps your knuckles when you tarry too long. Does the DGX all make sense? Comments Have your say about what you just read!


John Cage would have freaked out in joy had he been around to lay his hands on a DGX Those lines, blobs and squiggles marching across the paper strike me as some mysterious cipher that only a privileged few get to understand. I tried humming a note polyphonic tune to educate myself about this, but I just made strange faces that scared away the neighbors.

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Although this keyboard is low-priced, it has features for musicians of all levels. The chord dictionary actually tells you what chords you are playing and dgx–220 shows you what notes to hold to form a particular chord.

Naturally, you need drum kits to keep things in time and in line, so choose from one of their 11 possible voices. It doesn’t matter how good you are; you won’t make a mistake. Then go play with the Synth Pad and its 5 settings.

So dig into the 8 percussion styles, including those mojito-rocking steel drums. The GGX has all kinds of easy instruction goodies for formal music idiots like me.

Last time I checked it was being sold for about bucks so if you’re on a low budget, you should be absolutely delighted. Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All.


Put a page of sheet music in front of me and it might as well be written in Manchu. A Split Mode button lets your OCD symptoms get even more out of control, as you decide what voice you want played to the left of the keyboard split point. Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. Every note, melody, or chord will be in key. And brand 30 built-in songs, plus 70 more on CD ROM you can really take your playing to a higher level.

: Key Portable Educational Keyboard – Yamaha DGX (DGX): Musical Instruments

Well if you’re a beginner or aspiring keyboard player, this portable Yamaha keyboard also called the YPG, is certainly worth checking out. These include standard, XGlite, 5 “sweet!

Enter your search terms Submit search form.

In fact, Oz began to look downright black and white. And all I wanted to do was to learn to play something like chopsticks without embarrassing myself. If it gets totally out of control, hit the chord free mode and smack down that free thinking left hand and just play simple one hand melodies with your logically driven poetable.