Indonesian Author Distributing Free Copies of His Book, Thanks to Tangkasnet Money

Salman Syahputra from Riau, Indonesia, is an author who completed writing a book on the nation called Bahrain, last month. He offered me a free copy as he is already rich off tangkasnet and doesn’t care much about money. I really enjoyed reading the book and this post of mine is a sort of review for the same.

Salman agrees that Bahrain’s ruling Al-Khalifa Royal family abuses human rights in their country by imposing, torturing and executing dissidents and opposing political figures but doesn’t agree with the claim that they are biased against the majority Shia Muslim population of the nation.

Salman writes that not a single Greek site left in the modern day Bahrain even after the Greeks lived in that part of the world for years is the proof enough that the Bahrain has never been friendly to the foreigners and roughly 50% of its population, which constitutes of the non-nationals should be alert of the fact that they should live and work here but not think of it as their own country, be attached to it unconditionally and contribute or sacrifice anything additional for it.

Salman jokes that perhaps the Government and the Royal Family of Bahrain get confused if Promising or Compromising mean the same when it comes to the Human Rights.

Salman claims the three major opposing political parties of Bahrain, namely – Al Wefaq, Haq Movement and Bahrain Freedom Movement have been trying too hard through chat apps to initiate a big rebel movement using Arabs all across the globe, especially the Middle-East, to recruit as many people as possible for the cause.

Salman also claims that the April 2012 protests that took place right before F1 Race in Bahrain were funded by the Iran to create destability in Bahrain and also give the nation a bad name for being racists and Anti-Shiites.

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